Monday, March 12, 2012

Lesson Four Part 1--Who is God?--March 11, 2012

Apparently, the beginning of Spring Break, the initiation of Daylight Savings Time, and torrential rainfall all combined to significantly impact our Sunday School attendance this week! We had only eight people in attendance. If you were one of those who was not in attendance, here is an overview of what you missed.

Our new, big screen TV was delivered and we used it for the first time. We also had a different lectern stand with a sign warning that it belonged to another Sunday School teacher. I asked Randy to be sure it was supposed to be in our classroom....I don't want to get whipped by a Sunday School Teacher who is missing his own personal lectern. :)

We watched the first half of "Who is God?" As Dr. Tackett suggested, what question could possibly be of greater significance than this one? Actually, it should be the first lesson on this series. However, because of the questions and debate prevelant in our culture, Dr. Tackett led us through the questions of What is Truth, Philosophy and Ethics, and Who is Man before arriving at this all-important question. It was interesting to listen to the interviews in the program as people attempted to answer this question, "Who is God?" It became very clear that some people actually do not know the answer. A companion question that carries equal importance was discussed,
"What is eternity?" God's people should have a different answer for these questions than those in our culture who do not claim the status of a child of God.

Because of the large number of our class that missed this first part of the lesson and the fact that it will be two weeks before we return to this lesson, we will start the DVD a little earlier in the program in order to review and catch up. Hope you all enjoy a great spring break with your families and we will look forward to seeing you back in Sunday School next week. Next week, we are looking forward to having the Waysons, Missionaries to China in our class to share an update on their work in China. Remember,we are planning breakfast during class. Please bring a breakfast dish or pastry to share with other members of the class. The church will provide coffee and water.

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  1. Very nice :)May God continue to bless this ministry.